Artist Spotlight : Elisa Vanderschuit - Song of a Sparrow

Monday, May 16, 2016

Meet Elisa Vanderschuit of Song of a Sparrow.  A talented handmade artisan based in Lake Arrowhead, CA who creates amazing cold process vegan soaps using only the highest quality ingredients.  Just by looking at her jaw-dropping photos, you can see the care and quality that she puts into each unique handmade item.  So, sit back, relax, and enjoy this interview with one of today's incredible artisans.


When did you first start your craft? I made my first batch of soap in 2012 from a soap kit.

What made you decide on handmade soap? My love for handmade soap began years ago as a girl when I visited a family-owned farm where they made and sold their own handmade herbal soaps.  I was fascinated by the process and the beautiful result. They smelled amazing and looked so pretty in soap dishes, and made my skin feel so soft.  So it became something I had always wanted to do. 

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