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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Jessica Linn, mother of two and her blog baby linnstyleblog.com, is a young blogger in the 919. Jessica is one of our favorite brand ambassadors because we are a team of local ladies trying to make it in our field out of Cary, NC. We love to support local ladies trying to make it as a lifestyle blogger, and we are happy to see how well Jessica is doing! Of course, we also love the amazing photos we get in return! We gifted Jessica this 919 NC area code necklace to thank her for supporting our local business, and we love what she had to say about what this area means to her.  

Perfectly put, lady! NC is so happy to have you! 

To us, 919 means local. We are a small handmade jewelry business which thrives from the support of people who care about shopping local! Remember, shopping local is supporting families, like Jessica's, who care about what they are sending you. 

We encourage you to follow Jessica on Instagram @linnstyleblog and check her site out at linnstyleblog.com 

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